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Chosen a print and would like to know more about the artist? We’ve biographies for many of the artists featured at Each one is packed full of interesting facts to impress your friends, such as why Andy Warhol called his studio ‘The Factory’ or why many Graham Carter prints feature characters with no noses.


A.CE is a London based artist who has been active in the UK street art scene for over 10 years. His wheat-pasted images and stickers have featured prominently across the urban landscape and the streets surrounding him, once viewed as an open skate park, are now interpreted as potential exhibition space. 

Abbott, Berenice

Abbott's work received enormous acclaim during her life time and stands today as an invaluable document of New York in the 1920s and 1930s.

Adam 5100

Adam 5100's knowledge of printmaking and savvy ability with spray paint has developed into a love and talent for painting using stencils. His stencils represent hundreds of hours of meticulous work and the fine detail created is a hallmark of his work.

Adams, Ansel

Ansel Adams is best known for his majestic black and white photographs of Yosemite National Park. He took his first photograph in the park in 1916 with his father’s Box Brownie camera and continued to visit the park every year from then onwards.


Airside is a creative agency working across the disciplines of graphic design, illustration, digital, interactive and moving image.

Akinsola, Fola

Fola Akinsola has been exhibiting her original collaged artwork since 2011, with her main inspiration being Love. Her work was born via the desire to channel her energy, Love and creativity in a fun, light and imaginative way.

Allen, Ben

A self-taught award winning artist, Ben Allen has wowed the world with his eye for creativity and composition. An exotic cocktail of graffiti, street, graphic and pop art, Ben is a truly diverse talent.  

Alleyne , Mark

Mark Alleyne began his career in graphics as a lithographic film planner and platemaker before making the lateral transition to finished artist, illustrator, designer art director and finally creative director. His involvement in various creative industries has helped inform in his artwork.  

Alma-Tadema, Lawrence

Lawrence Alma-Tadema is the archetypal Classicist painter and at his peak his reputation rivalled that of Leighton. The unquestionable strength of his technical skill is most notable in the details bestowed on the many marble artefacts that characterise his work. 


AME72 (pronounced 'aim72' and also known as Jamie Ame) is a modern day pop artist with a background in graphic arts, innovation and advertising. He is probably best known for his use of lego stencils to create thought provoking and humorous images reflecting life in today's society.

Andrews, Sybil

Sybil Andrews’ work has met with wide critical acclaim and ever increasing popularity. Her colour linocuts were featured extensively in the 2008 Fine Arts, Boston / Metropolitan, New York 'British Prints From the Machine Age - Rhythms of Modern Life' 1914–1939 exhibition, and her work is held in major collections around the world. 

Anthony, Butch

Butch Anthony describes himself as an “artist, builder and picker of things”. Whilst following the age-old folk art tradition of creating treasure from trash, Butch Anthony pushes the boundaries of art, existence, and respectability with his strange and beautiful creations. 

Archer, Magda

British artist and illustrator Magda Archer creates vibrant paintings inspired by her eccentric collection of paraphernalia. Her distinctive retro imagery straddles a Surreal-Pop kitsch sensibility. In 2012 her painting ‘My Life is Crap’ was used by Comme de Garcons in a major international advertising campaign. 

Ardizzone, Edward

Edward Ardizzone is best known as an illustrator and in particular for his 'Tim' series of books which he both wrote and illustrated.


Armsrock is a young Danish street artist living in Germany.  


Aroe is a prolific graffiti artist, widely known as one of the most celebrated and important names in the subculture. Aroe has been writing graffiti since the age of 13, after being exposed to hip-hop culture through Malcolm Mclaren’s ‘Buffalo Girls’ video, shown on Top of the Pops in the late 70s. 

Atkinson Grimshaw, John

Leeds painter John Atkinson Grimshaw is best known for his enigmatic and enchanting moonlight scenes. He is seen as one of the Victorian masters, whose distincive paintings of English towns and dockyards are evocative of Victorian life in the late 19th century.

Bacon, Francis

Francis Bacon is probably best known for his unique, disturbing and moving interpretations of Velasquez’s famous painting of Pope Innocent X. As an artist he wanted to show what was deep inside a person rather than their surface appearance. He often took lots of photographs of his subjects which he would fold and tear to create his distorted compositions.

Baker, Charming

British artist Charming Baker lives and works in London. He paints in oil on canvas, linen, wood and paper, and creates sculptural work cast in bronze and aluminium. He has had a string of international sell-out shows, his fans include Damien Hirst, British collector Frank Cohen, gallerist Harry Blain and New York dealer Alberto Mugrabi (who owns the world’s largest Warhol collection), and his work fetches upwards of £40,000.

Baldwin, Dan

Contemporary painter and ceramicist Dan Baldwin is at the forefront of the new Young British Artist movement. His mixed media work is magnificently textural, ethereal and poetic, bridging the gap between abstract and figurative by creating images dense with symbols and layers of meaning.

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