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Static are a collection of artists from both fine art and graphic design backgrounds. Their superb, eye-catching satirical imagery is produced in a wide range of media including stencils, paste ups and prints.  All our Static prints are available for purchase today, simply click below and then choose ‘Add to Basket’.

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There’s much more to than the Static art prints below. We’ve thousands of prints including many limited editions and rare posters by some of today’s most collectable artists. Click any artist on the left to view more.

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preview Right Hand Red (Signed Open Edition) by Static
£20 €29 $31
preview Lovely Jubilee Grey (Silkscreen and Embossed Signed Limited Edition of 50) by Static £48 €68 $73
preview Windsor Style (Silkscreen with Diamond Dust Signed Limited Edition of 20) by Static £135 €191 $204
preview BOXES (Silkscreen Signed Limited Edition of 75) by Static
£80 €113 $121
preview Taggers (Silkscreen Signed Limited Edition of 50) by Static £90 €127 $136
preview Mini Wooden CC (Silkscreen on Wood Signed Open Edition) by Static £25 €36 $38
preview What The Cluck? (Silkscreen Signed Limited Edition of 25) by Static £75 €106 $114
preview Andy Stardom (Silkscreen Signed Limited Edition of 30) by Static £145 €205 $219
preview Framed Luxury Vandals MMX (Kylie) (Signed Original Silkscreen and Spraypaint on Tin 1 of 1) by Static £750 €1058 $1133
preview CC RE-MMXII (Silkscreen Signed Limited Edition of 28) by Static £75 €106 $114
preview Grown-Up Games (Hand finished Silkscreen Signed Limited Edition of 30) by Static £175 €247 $265
preview Lovely Jubilee Orange (Silkscreen and Embossed Signed Limited Edition of 50) by Static £48 €68 $73

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Most Static artwork is heavily influenced by social and environmental issues, often with perfectly perceived humour and spectacularly striking imagery. Click on the images above to find your favourite print amongst our Static artwork today!

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If you live in South East England you can have any of our Static prints custom framed by our master frame-makers and delivered to your door by our own specialist delivery service. All our custom-built frames are handmade to professional gallery standards and where required, include a protective museum quality mount for a perfect finish.

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