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Vladimir Tretchikoff paintings include ‘Chinese Girl’ (otherwise known as ‘The Green Lady’), which has become one of the most recognised art prints of all time. The print has appeared in countless films and TV shows set in the 1960’s and 70’s and today has become a cult icon. Tretchikoff was a self-taught artist whose work was dismissed by many art critics at ‘kitsch’, however this is often the reason why his art is still loved today. All our Vladimir Tretchikoff prints are available for purchase today, simply click below and then choose ‘Add to Basket’.

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Before selecting your print here’s more from our Vladimir Tretchikoff artist biography

Vladimir Tretchikoff was born in Russia in 1913, in 1932 he moved to China to be a cartoonist for the Shanghai Times. He was imprisoned by the Japanese during World War II and separated from his family. They were reunited after the war in South Africa, where they then settled. It was here that he painted ‘Chinese Girl’. Approximately 2.3 million people have attended his exhibitions worldwide. Click on the images above to find your favourite amongst our prints of Vladimir Tretchikoff for sale today!

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