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Bunny Queen (Giclee Signed Limited Edition of 100) by Shuby £85 €122 $136 Shuby


Shuby uses print, collage, paint and photography to create original reinterpretations that revel in absurdity, kitsch and irony. Her cheeky visions are almost dream-like in their Technicolor intensity. She works in a wide variety of mediums including paintings, print making, ceramics and reworking found objects.

Shuby created Bunny Queen from a 1956 Pietro Annigoni portrait of Queen Elizabeth.

Artist Spotlight from our Open Editions Collection

The Fighting Temeraire by Joseph Turner £20 €29 $32 Joseph Turner

‘The Fighting Temeraire’ was voted the UK’s greatest paintings in a 2005 poll.

Dunwich, Suffolk by Joseph Turner £20 €29 $32 Joseph Turner

'Dunwich, Suffolk' shows Turners dramatic use of colour and list in his vibrant water colours.

Joseph Turner

Joseph TurnerJoseph Turner was both a successful and controversial artist, who’s style can be seen as laying the foundations for the development of modern art from the Impressionists onwards. 

He was known as 'the painter of light', because of his increasing interest in brilliant colours as the main constituent in his land- and seascapes.

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Sampson, Jane
Sangra, Danny
Elia, A
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Sedlik, Jeff
Sefton, Clive
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Simpson, John
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Smith, Nick
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Smythe, Steve
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Spera, Carmen
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Spowers, Ethel
Stahli, Susanne
Starck, Philippe
Steenwyck, H
Steinlen, T
Stella, Frank
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Studwell, David
Suchocki, Irene
Svenson, Arne
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Tapies, Antoni
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Turner, Helen
Turner, Joseph
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