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Queen of Broken Hearts – Pink and Purple (Silkscreen Signed Limited Edition of 33)  by Copyright £133 €191 $212 Copyright


Copyright’s art is a fusion of street art, graffiti and traditional styles which create an incredibly intricate and beautiful result. He has had sold out solo shows in London and Japan.

The work of Copyright has been much in demand since his appearance on the BBC’s The Apprentice in May 2012. 

Queen of Broken Hearts – Pink and Purple is a stunning example of his work in a signed limited edition of 33.

Artist Spotlight from our Open Editions Collection

Head of Flowers by Salvador Dali £27 €39 $43 Salvador Dali

Dali often replaced the human head with other objects, choosing flowers in this beautiful print as a symbol of feminine beauty. 

Swans Reflecting Elephants by Salvador Dali £26 €38 $42 Salvador Dali

‘Swans Reflecting Elephants’ depicts one of Salvador Dali’s most famous double images creating a dream like aesthetic full of depth tone and colour.

Salvador Dali

Salvador Dail is one of the best known members of the surrealist movement and has enjoyed enduring public popularity. 

Here are two spectacular examples of his work that showcase his originality and an eye for detail.

Ebbets, C
Cabanel, A
Calder, A
Callanan, Ryan
Cameron, David
Camp, Tom
Canaletto, G
Cappiello, L
Carter, Graham
Bresson, H
Carvalho, Gil
Cassandre, A
Caulfield, P
Cauty, James
School, 1
Cezanne, Paul
Chagall, Marc
Charming Baker
Chemical X
Chiattone, Mario
Christie, Cedric
Clarke, Anna
Close, Chuck
Colin, Paul
Tiffany, L
Compton, Gemma
Connor Brothers
Constable, John
Cornish, C
Coulomb, Georges
Crayon, Jimi
Culmer, Mark
Vinci, L
Dali, Salvador
Dame, Grande
Darbon, L
Friedrich, C
DC Comics
Cesare, C
Felipe, A
Morinerie, A
Lempicka, T
De Man, Petrus
de Pedro, Lidia
Stael, N
Lautrec, H
Dear, Louise
Definitely Mary
Defossez, Alfred
Degas, Edgar
Dejonge, Grant
Delaroche, Paul
Delaunay, Robert
Delaunay, Sonia
Denne, Richard
Dicksee, Frank
Diebenkorn, R
Dine, Jim
Dix, Otto
Dixon, Simon
Doe, John
Doisneau, Robert
Donwood, Stanley
Doyle, Robin
Duardo, Richard
Dubuffet, Jean
Dudovich, M
Dufy, Raoul
Duplock, Denise
Durer, Albrecht
Dyce, William
Dzubas, Friedel
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