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A major solo exhibition of new work by Dave White takes place at The Hospital Club in London between 22nd June and 7th July 2012. 

The exhibition, titled ‘Natural Selection’, is being presented in association with artrepublic and features a breathtaking collection of art depicting threatened animal species dramatically brought to life through Dave White’s extraordinarily unique expressionist style.

The exhibition will feature many jaw-dropping large scale oil paintings (up to 5ft in size), plus an incredible collection of watercolours on paper. Dave White already has superb form in creating outstanding expressive animal works with Eagle, Cougar and Humming Bird forming part of his impressive back catalogue.

View the exhibition catalogue for the show

Dave White introduces the show by stating ‘Natural Selection encompasses the beauty, majesty and magnificence of incredibly rare animals. Their threatened existence hangs in the balance, where natural camouflage is no longer a reliable defence, leaving them vulnerable and exposed. The collection explores these dynamics, through the violent, expressive movement and abstracted patination of oil paint and water colour. Large scale installations and contemporary execution will aim to challenge the viewer to reassess this subject matter in our modern world. Where once we would hunt these subjects for display trophies, now we must face the fact that our impact upon them is threatening their very survival.’

Dave White’s energetic contemporary pop art style has led to him being ‘touted as the new Andy Warhol’ by The Independent  and his work has received worldwide reviews from publications such as the Wall Street Journal, The Daily Telegraph and Time Out. Since his debut solo show in 2008, his work has been shown to great acclaim in New York, Los Angeles, London and Shanghai.

This exhibition has been several months in the making and its scale & ambition promises to deliver a show that you won’t want to miss.

For more information about the exhibition and the work being exhibited, please contact artrepublic Soho:

020 7240 7909, soho@artrepublic.com

The ‘Natural Selection’ exhibition is open to the public from 22nd June.

The Hospital Club
24 Endell Street

Open 10am to 7pm Monday to Friday, 11am to 6pm Saturday

Top photo: Suzie Blake

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