Urban Art

Urban Art is a term which gained popularity in the late 20th century. It was used mainly by the art establishment to encompass art and artists who were originally involved in street and graffiti art. The term achieved further endorsement when major auction houses such as Bonhams used it to categorise these types of prints. 

Artists associated with the Urban Art genre, include Keith Haring, Banksy, Dan Baldwin, D*Face and Pure Evil. The movement began life as an ephemeral art form disappearing as fast as it appeared. Now many of the works that were created with spray-paint and stencils and began life as street graffiti are being transferred to canvas and limited edition prints, completing its transition from underground subculture to mainstream art movement.

The artrepublic Soho gallery in London is home to our top selection of cutting-edge urban art, including many one off’s and sold out pieces. 

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